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3 Ways To Spark Attraction With Him

February 10, 2010

Do you ever wonder why some women seem to have an uncanny knack for attracting a guy and keeping him hooked? You know that it can’t just be about physical beauty, or how intelligent or “nice” they are, because that’s not always the case.

They just have a secret that makes them totally addictive to the man they’re with. These are the women men refer to as “cool girls”, or “cool women.” When men are talking and they want to let their friend know about the great woman in their life they say, “she’s a really cool woman.”

This is the universal male shorthand for a woman who just GETS IT when it comes to being incredible and irresistible to be around.

These are the women men crave being with and staying with, as they know how to create and share that intense attraction, and keep their man endlessly fascinated and wondering about them.

While some women can’t seem to buy a man’s true love and loyalty, the “cool woman” literally has her man BEGGING for more of her time and attention.

I’ve spent years researching and observing exactly what this is in women, and how it all works, and I’ve put everything I’ve discovered about what it is that will drive a man wild for you, to where he’ll be wanting more and more from you and your relationship.

Some women have a hard time getting a man to want to ever truly commit- even after years of an amazing life shared together.

What’s the difference?While other women have their man literally down on bended knee begging to spend the rest of their lives together. The big difference in how a man is with you comes down to the level of ATTRACTION he feels for you.

Either he feels it for you, or he doesn’t. And when things aren’t working, and you can tell a man has lost that feeling for you, you can bet that he’s no longer feeling that magic emotion of ATTRACTION, which is what brought you together in the first place.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a woman who was born knowing exactly what it is that creates this kind of deep and lasting attraction in your man.

In fact, triggering the kind of intense attraction in your man is actually easy, once you know how. And what’s really easy is getting to sit back and watch as your relationship gives you more love, confidence and support than you ever imagined, all because your man is feeling so excited to stay connected to you – because of the attraction he has burning inside him when he’s around you.

I want you to have this feeling, and enjoy the kind of lasting and secure relationship that can only take place when you and your man are both feeling this way with each other.

So then, what is the secret to being irresistible to a man? Let me give you some quick tips and then tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be the kind of woman a man can’t live without, no matter WHAT is going on in his life.

Let’s say there’s a man in your life you find incredibly attractive and interesting. You’ve gotten to know him a little bit and you think he finds you attractive, too.

You think about him all the time. You miss talking to him and seeing him when you’re not with him. You wonder what it would be like to have something real and committed with him.

As for him, he acts like he likes you too… sometimes.

But in the back of your mind, you’re not completely sure he’s really that “into you.” Maybe he doesn’t call as often as you want him to, or he acts a little distant when you’re together. What do you do in this situation?

You might do what so many women do in the same situation. They KILL their chance with the guy by doing some very UN-attractive things.

Here are some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to being irresistible to a man:

WRONG WAY: Keep moving towards him and fill in any and all empty space that you sense between you. Tell him how much you like him and share all the thoughts and feelings that are racing through your mind.

BETTER WAY: Take time to enjoy the connection that you’re sharing, and don’t try and rush ahead. Do things that engage him and capture his interest, and then sit back and let him come to you a bit too. Give him time and space in your interactions to come to you with his feelings.

WRONG WAY: Kill him with kindness by complimenting him every chance you get, calling him all the time, doing favors for him without him even asking… and generally doing whatever you can to be a special “friend” and companion to him.

BETTER WAY: Think “playful” instead of just nice, as you don’t want to be his friend. Instead, be unpredictable and intriguing. Create tension and interest by not always doing or saying the “obvious” thing. This will keep him thinking and wondering about you, and get him doing things to get more of your time and attention.

WRONG WAY: Sleep with him in the hopes that by being close and intimate he’ll realize how much he likes you, how amazing you both are together, and want a relationship. Act and talk to him like you’re already in a serious and committed relationship, even though you’ve never talked about it. Get upset when you don’t see that he wants a relationship after you’re physical with him.

BETTER WAY: Don’t make the mistake of hoping that sex will bring him closer to you and set up your relationship. Communicate to a man that you’re SELECTIVE, and that you respect yourself more than you need a relationship.

Slow things down and be selective for your own sake, as well as for the sake of the “real” relationship you want to create.

Create not just physical but emotional experiences with him that will connect you both. He wants and needs to feel not just Physical Attraction with you, but what I call Emotional Attraction as well.

Now, If you’ve had a tough time with dating and relationships because the man seems to lose interest, fade away, get distant, stop calling or tell you he’s not into anything “serious,” then it probably means one thing:

You haven’t created the kind of intense emotional attraction inside him that keeps him wanting to be with you, and only you, no matter what.

You can Learn everything you need to know about creating not just physical attraction, but a deeper and more lasting emotional level of attraction in my Book.


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