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June 21, 2010

If you have a man in your life right now, let me ask you an honest question… Are you happy with the current state of your relationship?

Have you been experiencing the kind of love and passion in your relationship that makes you
feel more confident and emotionally fulfilled?


Have the interactions with the man in your life somehow turned “sour” to where even the slightest look or misspoken word can drive a wedge between you and lead to conflict?

If things are starting to “sour” in your  relationship, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this
entire article.

And if you’ve become aware that it’s not just you who sees that the passion is missing, but
your man does too… then I’m going to have to INSIST that you read this email and follow what’s
in it. For your own good.

If your relationship is wearing you down and making you feel weaker and less secure…

Instead of stronger and more beautiful, sexy and confident…  Then I’d like to talk to you about what you can do about it to quickly turn things around for the  better – for both you and for the man you’re with.

Let me start by asking this question. Take a minute, think about this question and answer as honestly as you can.

Here goes… What is it that takes a relationship with all it’s patterns and habits – and makes it suddenly  change for the better?

I’ll give you a second to take that in and consider what it is that has the power to  change a relationship between two people.

Ok, you probably came up with an idea or two about how relationships can change.

But I’m willing to bet that nothing came to mind that you know for sure is a quick and easy way to change the things that are creating distance and problems in your relationship.

Don’t worry. That’s where I’m going to help you.


As a woman, there must be nothing worse than doing everything you can think of to make things
work in your relationship…

Meanwhile all you’re feeling inside is worn down, unappreciated, and over-extended.

For lots of women who have men they live with or are married to, the fact that you not only try
and carry your relationship isn’t where it ends.  You’re also doing everything to keep your life,
home, family, etc. together… while he doesn’t  seem to be doing his part.

It’s enough to drive you crazy.

The very last thing you can feel like doing  after a full day is giving MORE to your man to
help you reconnect.

How could it be that even though you’re  trying harder to make for a great relationship with the man in your life… that fun, free, easy feeling of love and passion and connection seems to drift farther and farther away from you?

For lots of women, what once started out as an “easy” relationship where you and a man simply
connected – and enjoyed being together no matter  what – can unexpectedly turn into something a
lot more difficult and frustrating.

Tell me something… Have you noticed that things with your man fit with any of the following?

-He doesn’t share the same kind of excitement about being with you and spending quality time
together the way he used to

-He listens and responds to you less as time goes on

-He has stopped touching you, acting sweet and affectionate, and initiating sex

-He wants to spend more and more time “on his own”

Do any of these seem to be going on for you with the man in your life? If so, then I want you to stop fooling yourself and get CLEAR about what’s going on. I hope you don’t get mad at me for being the one to tell you… but I’m going to for your own good:

Your relationship is losing the PASSION that brought it together in the first place. And unless things change, it’s likely that:

A) The ATTRACTION you share will DIE… The man you’re with will likely STOP FEELING  those “special feelings” that brought you together in the first place


B) The cycle of less connection and less intimacy leading to… more frustration… leading to less
connection and intimacy again… will continue to spiral you and your relationship DOWNWARDS

And YOU will keep falling deeper and  deeper into that frustrated and unhappy place
inside yourself that you know isn’t good for you or your relationship because you don’t feel
beautiful, loved, or sexy. And the more you feel this way, the worse things are going to continue
to get.

If you can relate to what I’m talking about  here, then there’s something you need to recognize
right now:

If you’re spending a lot of time and energy on  keeping together or trying to improve the
relationship you’re in, but it’s ultimately only digging you deeper into the frustrating situation
you’re already in…

Then you first need to STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW.

Then the answer is NOT for you to do more of  the same.

Reason being, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with the exact same RESULTS or OUTCOME.

I’m going to be unusually direct and honest  here:

Without the essential element of that  free-flowing PASSION that you both don’t have to WORK to feel, your relationship is in a lot more  danger of ENDING than you might realize.

Tell me…

How many times have you heard from a friend  that the man in her life suddenly told her that
he wanted to break up, and his only real reason or excuse was that he “just didn’t feel it

Or that he “loved her, but he wasn’t IN LOVE  with her”?

Meanwhile, your friend felt like the relationship was going strong, even though there  were those little bumps in the road that every  relationship has.

Sound familiar?

This kind of thing might have even happened to you in the past. The point here is that too many women end up in relationships where their man is acting disconnected and withdrawn, and there’s little PASSION being shared anymore.

And everything the woman tries in an effort  to make a change for the better only ends up
making her feel more frustrated and disappointed because the man doesn’t seem to notice or care.

Or worse, he actually becomes ANGRY or IRRITATED every time you try and bring up the subject of your relationship, the reality of what’s not working, and how it’s making you feel.

If you’ve ever been in this kind of situation, or you’re in one right now… then the reality is
that you have A CHOICE TO MAKE:

You can either:

A) FREAK OUT as you see all the signs that your man isn’t “feeling it” for you the way he used
to, and as the passion keeps fading from your relationship (and push things further down the
negative spiral)

B) Not really make a choice to do anything but  stay “quiet” and hope things change for the
better, as you go down the road of uncertainty and your man keeps drifting farther and farther
from you

C) Take a step back from your knee-jerk reaction of fear, and do something to quickly turn things
around right now

Most women don’t know what it is that can take this unfortunately-common situation and turn it

There are 2 immediate options you have, both of which I’ve seen work for women and allowed them
to quickly turn their relationships around in no time flat.

Even with the most withdrawn or disengaged men. (I’m talking healthy men here who have fallen into these negative relationship patterns with you. Not unhealthy, damaged men – that’s a longer story.)

I’ve seen women turn their relationships around with either of these things WITHOUT having to
“do more work” in their relationship and take on more of the burden of carrying the  relationship.

Doing MORE is not the answer when you’re already doing all you can and it’s not working.

The answer is doing just a few simple things the right way.

The best part is, once you finally know what the right thing to do is, all it takes is a tiny  bit of effort and the results are many, many more times what you could get struggling with all your force.

It’s like lifting a giant piece of furniture. Try it by hand and it won’t budge.

But when you have the right pulleys and levers it goes “like butter.”


I’m going to give you 2 options that I know from my experience in helping women can quickly
allow you to do a kind of “reset” on your relationship and shift out of some of the negative
dynamics that have been going on.

Using either of these options, I’ve literally seen women:

-Go from feeling like they had to “nag” their boyfriends at every turn just so he’d be a part
of their life and relationship… to suddenly having him excited to give, share and open up

-Stop feeling like they were the only one GIVING and start RECEIVING tons more love and affection
from their man

-Shift from having to ask 5 times before the trash  finally got taken out, to having their man asking
them what more he could do to help out and make their lives great together

-Go from never hearing a kind word or unexpected compliment, to receiving constant and continual
praise and appreciation for who they were

-Become consistently presented and surprised by romantic gestures such as flowers, gifts, and
dates… all because their man was simply thinking about them

Do any of these sound like something you’d like to enjoy more of in your relationship?

And how would it be to have any or all of these happen for you WITHOUT having to ASK FOR IT?

Then here are your 2 options:

Option #1) Reconnect The “Essential Element” That Leads A Man To Feel & Act Passionately With You. There’s one basic element all relationships have to have, or else they are just what you might call “friendships.”

Do you know what this one element is, and  how it works for a man?

If you don’t, it’s likely that a man will start to feel like you and he are more like friends than lifelong lovers.

I’m going to share this with you right now. What I’m talking about is guaranteed to
have your man wanting to spend more quality time alone with you… and to make him think more and more about your future together.

This one essential element has the power to instantly change everything about how a man is thinks, acts, and FEELS with you.

And strangely enough it’s something I’m sure you already know about… but something you’ve
likely forgotten in the routine of your relationship and the confusion and frustrating
situations that can come up with men.

I’m talking about the magic feelings and emotions called ATTRACTION.

And I’m not just talking about the everyday  Physical Attraction that makes a man interested
in sex just as a physical thing.

I’m talking about the kind of INTENSE  ATTRACTION that reaches inside a man’s heart and mind on a deeper level to where he can’t help but be swept away by the FEELINGS he has for you…
and he has to act on them or else he’ll know he’s doing the wrong thing.

There are 2 HUGE misunderstandings women have when it comes to men, love and ATTRACTION.

The first – and biggest – misunderstanding is thinking that attraction works the same way for
MEN as it does for you.

Lots of women mistakenly believe that if they simply do more of the things they know they want,
or that THEY THINK make for a great and loving relationship… that the man is sure to respond.


This is a false belief, plain and simple.

Attraction works differently for men than it does for women. And if you keep trying to give
a man what I call “Selfish Love” (giving to others only in the way you know YOU like to RECEIVE)
then a man simply isn’t going to respond to you and “feel it” for you.

Don’t make this huge mistake that women and men both make with each other.

You wouldn’t want your man pretending that for you, a great night together at home consists of
beer, chips, and the football game.

The other giant misunderstanding about how attraction works is thinking that the “nicer”
you are, or the harder you try and please your  man or make him happy, the more he will be
attracted to you.

Lots of women do this unconsciously as they try to gain a man’s interest or attention by taking on
what I call the “Super Friend” approach.

They do favors for the man, compliment him all the time, try and stroke his ego… or even trade
their affection for his time and attention.

Without thinking about it, they’re going along as though a man will somehow feel that magic
feeling of attraction for them when they shower him with praise and treat him like a super kind
of “best friend.”

I don’t know about you, but when my friends are very good to me, it doesn’t make me feel
physically and emotionally attracted to them.

Especially if I can sense that they’re doing it simply to try and get me to like them more.

The plain truth is that doing “nice” things for a man might seem like it would win his
interest or help your relationship…

But when it comes to real and genuine feelings of love and affection… doing these kinds of
things when you’re dating or in a relationship doesn’t win his love or affection.

They’re simply “nice” things that men will at best say “Thank You” for and go about their day.

If you’re dating a man and you want to take the  attraction to the next level to where the
EMOTIONAL CONNECTION you have will quickly be restored and intensified… here’s where to
start: STOP doing all the “best friend” approach stuff of trying to make him like you, of winning
his approval, of trying to carry the weight for you both, and of trying to make him happy and

This is making you miserable. And he can sense it.

It’s only making things worse.

It’s time you start doing the things that will have him literally stand up and take notice of the
fun, playful and unique woman that you are.

Trying to re-engage a partner in a relationship by talking to them about how much more “work” they
need to do isn’t a great approach or place to start.

You can bypass all the “what’s wrong now” stuff and go straight to reconnecting by dealing with
things on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL.

A great way to do this is to stop doing all the PREDICTABLE things that other women are doing
as they’re trying to “catch & keep” a man that are ironically turning men off.

Instead, try doing things that are UNPREDICTABLE that will grab a man’s attention in
a positive way and have him seeing you as wonderfully different from other women – or from
the frustrated and worn-down woman who feels dissatisfied with him.

Turn the man you thought was a “lazy” partner into a man who’s enthusiastic and excited about
your life together, and all that’s in it that you can share.

I wish I could personally introduce you to all the women I’ve helped in their relationships by
allowing them to simply re-introduce the essential element of ATTRACTION back in their relationship.

And what would be even better…

I wish I could show you all the men who these women were with who suddenly become RE-ENGAGED in their relationships not just emotionally, but on all levels…

Unfortunately, I can’t show you all of them.

It’s really that simple.

And what would it be worth to you if you did find that one simple and easy way of relating
to your man that took ZERO WORK but gave you the exact kind of experience you wanted with him?

Stop trying to push and pull your way to a great relationship… when trying harder isn’t
what is going to work.

It’s supposed to be THE JOURNEY that you enjoy, not the DESTINATION of a more secure and loving
relationship that might seem a bit far out of reach right now.

Once you’re sharing the kind of deep CONNECTION and ATTRACTION that only comes from knowing what makes a man feel this way with you and only you… it all becomes easy.

Enjoy the ride and discover the secrets to men and attraction today. Don’t wait.

Of course, I told you I’d also share with you the second option if you’re looking for the right
way to quickly get things on track with a man and draw him close to you for a great relationship.

Option #2) Break Through Your “Stalled”  Relationship And Discover How Commitment And
Growth Works FOR HIM

Lots of women have an easy time meeting a man and starting off a new relationship.

But then things always seem to fizzle after  that early phase of lust and passion is over.

One of the scariest truths that too many women shy away from is that for most men, especially
successful and attractive men with lots of options, they don’t want to be in a relationship
just for the sake of being in one.

In other words, lots of men who are “catches”  won’t just want a loving, lasting and COMMITTED
relationship just because it could make their  life better.

In fact, lots of these men have never met a woman who has shown them that a relationship
truly does make life richer and more worth living.

Lots of good men still haven’t been able to recognize in a woman the qualities that show them
that their life could actually be BETTER as a result of being deeply in love and COMMITTED for

Don’t let what men either haven’t found or seen in other women deter you from having the
great relationship you know is possible when you meet a man.

Discovering how men think about lasting and long-term relationships is half the secret.

If you don’t know what it is that makes a man see a woman as someone who he could see himself
being with and staying with not just FOR NOW, but far into the future… then odds are you’ll make
the same mistake tons of other women make that only make the man in their life MORE RESISTANT
to committing to lasting love.

One of the most common mistakes is talking to a man about becoming more involved and committed in your relationship as though it’s the “right” or “logical” thing to do.

Some women, when they sense that their relationship isn’t growing… will try and jump-
start things by DEMANDING that the man “get with your new ideas” and make a bigger commitment.

I can see the man WITHDRAWING right now.

The false belief women hold about why men  withdraw when this happens is that men are AFRAID

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is, men aren’t afraid of commitment
when they feel like a woman UNDERSTANDS THEM and knows how to be the kind of partner who makes  their life BETTER, not more confusing and complex.

In other words, men are only afraid of commitment when they don’t already sense that the
woman is right for them.

So when a woman can come into a man’s life and show him the signs of a great woman that all men
know and universally respond to… that supposed fear of commitment and the future simply

I’m sure you’ve known at least one man in your life who was a sworn bachelor.

He’d talk about how he loved being single,  and about how relationships were nothing but  trouble.

But then it happened…

He met this one woman and suddenly EVERYTHING CHANGED. Suddenly love was real and important.

Suddenly he had a woman he truly cared about,  and who he didn’t want to lose or let go.

Suddenly he was “hooked”, and it was him who was driving the relationship forward and wanting

It is possible. Men can and do grow deeply connected and committed in relationships.

But it takes getting them to recognize that you’re the right woman…..


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