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He is Checked Out…. and You are doing EVERYTHING !!!

February 1, 2012

Quick tip for you:

The absolute fastest and easiest way to re-ignite the passion in your relationship and get your man “feeling it” for you physically, mentally, and emotionally all over again…

Does it ever seem impossible for you to re-inspire your man’s passion and devotion after a difficult period in your relationship?

If you’re like some of the women I’ve helped, it might feel to you as though the harder you try at making your relationship work, the more your guy seems to tune out, act lazy, and stop listening.

But I want you to know that there is a way to quickly get your relationship back on track – to return to that secure place where your relationship feels close and connected.

There’s a way to have your man excited to spend time alone with you, excited to take you out and experience the world with you, and excited just to touch you and be next to you.

And there’s also a way to get out of the common “trap” too many great women fall into:

The TRAP of being the “Do It All Yourself” Woman.

This is when you do everything for yourself AND for the man in your life, and you feel like you don’t get much back in return.


After being the “Do It All Yourself” Woman, it’s only natural to feel exhausted, drained, frustrated and unhappy with your man and your relationship.

It’s time to stop this pattern for your own good – and start experiencing what it’s like to have a real man in your life who’s committed, engaged and does his part and more to make sure you’re both creating an incredible life together.

Is it time for you to get off the roller coaster, and start to get things back on track for yourself and your relationship?

If the answer for you is “Yes, it’s time”, then your first step isn’t trying more of the same.

Your first step is to STOP doing the things that are accidentally pushing your man further away.

In my “Relationship Turnaround” program, I show you exactly how to quickly and easily get your relationship back on track by INSPIRING your man’s love and devotion. You’ll learn how to:

-Identify any and all destructive patterns in your relationship, and stop them dead on the spot

-Stop being the “Do It All Yourself” woman in your relationship, and learn to sit back and have your guy start thinking about and caring for you and your relationship on his own

-Stop letting your relationship problems get you down which cause you to feel worse and act out. Instead get back to your “best self” and feel better immediately

-Discover what it takes to trigger your man’s desire to be engaged in your relationship again

It’s time you stopped having to do everything yourself, and started enjoying what a real loving and supportive relationship is like.

My very best tips and secrets for getting your relationship back on track and off your own shoulders – in a matter of a day or two – are all right here for you: CLICK HERE.

Can you MAKE a man love you again the way he used to?

I get a lot of letters from women who are looking for ways to “fix” a relationship where a man has either shown or said that he’s not feeling it the way he once did.

If you’re going through this situation yourself, there are a few things I want you to know:

No, you can’t “make” a man love you, and trying to do things to that end will only backfire.

It’ll backfire because trying to “convince” a man that he should love you, or trying to talk him into having attraction and passion for you just because you’ve been together for X amount of time, is counter-productive.

But here’s the REALLY great news:

You can inspire a man to WANT to make you happy, and inspire him to feel passionate about you.


The difference between “inspiring” a man and “convincing” him is an important one.

When you inspire, you are doing things to feel better about YOURSELF, and you’re committing yourself to understanding your man and nurturing your relationship.

When you convince, you TALK or do things to manipulate a man into feeling a certain way. These are often emotionally charged conversations that can leave you both feeling drained. You also quickly realize that a man isn’t going to feel warm and fuzzy about you because you’re telling him how unhappy he makes you.

Here’s the deal…

The #1 truth about men in relationships is that they want to make their woman happy. He wants to FEEL that it’s easy to please you, and that you can feel good about yourself without much “work” on his part.

That’s right. He wants to be with a woman who is a genuinely happy person, with or without him.

When a man says that a woman makes him happy, what he’s usually really saying is that he feels it’s easy to make HER happy.

So the question now is, what can you do to get back to the content, joyful woman you used to be?

How can you be happy again, with or without him?

1. The best thing you can do right now is to work on being the best person you can be, inside and out, so that YOU feel good again, regardless of what happens in the end with your relationship.

2. Stop doing the things you know aren’t working – including having emotionally-charged conversations instead of COMMUNICATING and building UNDERSTANDING. This is a crucial step.

For example, you probably have developed a “story” around your relationship.

These are things you tell yourself about you and your man, over and over, without even realizing you’re doing it.

You have formed a story about who YOU are in the relationship, and how that should be enough to sustain your relationship and keep it connected.

It’s like when you see someone who always acts “tough” and defensive and sees everything in a negative light suddenly SOFTEN and relax.

Maybe an event shakes them to the core and suddenly, their old story isn’t valid.

What happens to them?

Not only do they change as a person, but their EXPERIENCE changes, too.

That’s why recognizing and letting go of your “story” is such an important step to transforming your relationship.

After I help you uncover your story, I take you through the other 5 critical tools to turn your relationship around and tap into your own inner strength and femininity.

By going through all  Tools in my program, you’ll be able to:

— Do LESS for your relationship and actually get MORE love and appreciation (seem impossible? It’s not!)

— Improve communication because he will actually LISTEN to you and CARE, not just walk away or get irritated when you share your feelings

— Develop a more intimate conversation with your man that will bring you closer each time

— Inspire him to “see” you in a whole new light – and become more attracted to you than you ever thought possible

There’s one more thing I want to mention here: it’s about why men cheat, and what it takes to affair-proof your relationship.

In my observation and from talking to a lot of men and women who have been through these situations, I find that although men who cheat have unique reasons and circumstances and what I call “excuses” about why they do it, there are some general TRENDS.

Some men cheat because they haven’t fully developed their sexual maturity.

They tend to “objectify” or compartmentalize women and sex because they haven’t fully integrated their sexual desires in a mature way with partnership and monogamy.

Men also cheat to escape a difficult or sexless relationship, because of the need to feed their ego, to have variety, and also because of certain kinds of addiction.

Regardless of WHY a man will cheat, there are things you can do in any relationship to reduce the likelihood that he WILL.

To learn the signs of sexual immaturity in a man, and to know the EXACT things that you can do to virtually CHEAT-PROOF your relationship, read about my “Inside The Mind Of A Man” program.

In this program, you’ll learn all about the different levels of maturity in a man, why certain men will cheat no matter what, and what kind of man will stay faithful as long as there are 6 specific situations in your relationship.

It’s all right HERE.

I hope that your relationship turns around and you can find happiness and passion again. With my program, I’m confident you’ll be taking things in the right direction.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Best of luck in Life and Love,

 Amy …
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